My work focuses on the outlying areas of metropolitan centers where I single out formal elements to convey the essential nature of these environments as topographies of vacancy. In documenting instances of the delicate and precarious balance between existing human interventions and the natural elements of the location, my work highlights the transitory yet consequential character of this relationship.

These environments speak to the broader themes of how the landscape is conceived of for specific purposes by humans, and the stages of abandonment that many times quickly follow. The poignant metaphors that vacancy suggests remain when the intended use for a given site within the landscape is no longer used as planned, creating an abstraction through its development and subsequent abandonment.

Tuning into the specificity of a location through observation, as well as occasional and subtle manipulations of my own hand, becomes my dialogue to the nature of composition. For me, the fringes of cities possess transcendent, numinous spaces that I seek to interact with, and that my photographic quest helps me find. Isolation and observation are an important part of my process, and once removed from other concerns, I interact with the landscape on a subconscious level, and my photographs are the end result of these interactions.